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Non-Surgical Middle and Upper Back Pain Relief

More often than not, back pain is concentrated in the lower back. However, as more people spend their days sitting at a computer, texting on their phones, playing video games and watching TV, middle and upper back pain is becoming more prevalent. Back pain relief is our specialty.

Serving Arlington Heights, Mt Prospect, Rolling Meadows and surrounding suburbs since 1981 First Health Associates’ Center for Integrative Medicine is proud to offer our patients an effective, non-surgical approach to back pain relief. We offer an impressive team of back pain doctors including: medical physician and physiatrist Jason Gruss, MD, acupuncturist Yu Zhu, LAc, MD(China), and chiropractors Joeseph Musolino, DC and Ryan Hamm, DC. Individually or working together team of back pain doctors offer middle and upper back pain treatment without the long-term use of prescription pain medications.

The upper and middle back, known as the thoracic spine, provides the stability and support for holding the body upright. Slouched posture, muscle strain, shoulder injuries and overuse are the primary reasons people seek middle and upper back pain relief and treatment.

Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical Back Pain Doctors

You’ll find our Arlington Heights chiropractor team is highly trained in upper back pain treatment, as well as other muscle, bone and joint maladies.  If you need more than chiropractic care, our integrative care team is well equipped in providing middle and upper back pain relief for people with all types of neck and upper back pain. Our Arlington Heights chiropractor team will perform a thorough assessment of not only the back, but other parts of the body that affect it. They will assess your neck and shoulder alignment (posture), flexibility and strength to locate the origin of the pain and determine the real source of the problem. Even when pain is perceived as coming from the back, it may have developed because of a problem elsewhere in the body.

Our Arlington Heights chiropractor team is diverse using a variety of manual and mechanical techniques to treat middle and upper back pain. These are utilized to restore alignment, flexibility and strength to the back and surrounding areas.

They will also teach you key exercises for the core, back and shoulder. Strengthening weaknesses in these areas helps afford middle and upper back pain relief and prevents its recurrence.

Since 1981, First Health’s Arlington Heights chiropractor team has been working closely with both our on-staff medical physicians and acupuncturists, as well as local medical physicians to provide the best integrative medical care in Chicago’s Northwest suburbs. Our experienced chiropractors are highly and uniquely trained to locate, diagnose and provide neck and upper pain treatment. Conveniently located off I-90, near Golf and Arlington Heights Roads, First Health serves patients from Arlington Heights, Mt. Prospect, Rolling Meadows, Palatine, Elk Grove and Des Plaines.

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