With over 13 years experience as a counselor Katrina Christie, M.Ed., LCPC brings vast experience in working with child, adult and family issues.

“I suffered from severe anxiety, depression and PTSD and with Katrina’s amazing help I was able to work through my many issues. There were times when it was very difficult to even get through a day, but Katrina helped me with my self-esteem and my will to live. She is incredibly caring and I trust her implicitly. I am so grateful for her!”


“I’ve been seeing Katrina for Major Depression she has consistently been compassionate, understanding and attentive to my issues. Katrina is very astute at recognizing what’s going on and always has positive suggestions on ways to resolve my problems. When dealing with my weight loss struggle, Katrina offers achievable suggestions that I can implement into my daily life. I trust Katrina will always be there for me with encouragement, support and kindness for whatever comes up in my life.”


Katrina earned her bachelors degree in psychological services from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois in 1997. Continuing her studies in human psychology she received her Masters Degree in Community Counseling from Loyola University Chicago in Chicago, Illinois in 1999.

Life is funny in that it leads you to the people you need to meet, even if you don’t know you need them.  My clumsiness led me to First Health Associates, and through their many programs there, I was introduced to Katrina.  Over the past few years, she has helped me navigate my often times stormy thoughts and somehow managed to convince me that I deserve to be happy. I even believe it most of the time.   She’s just that good.  She gives me the tools I need to change my thought processes and has stuck with me, even (the many times) when I have given up on myself.  I am even learning how to stop doing that so often.  I am grateful.”


“I’ve been working on and off with Katrina Christie for several years. She creates a safe environment where you feel comfortable talking and working through your problems. Katrina is knowledgeable about many different methods of treatment, and she’ll work to find the one that is best for you. I always felt like I was working towards a solution, and never just spinning my wheels. The results have always been great after working with her.”I see Katrina Christie, LCPC, for counseling and she is honestly the best.


“I started going to her in 2013 I believe and from my first visit I felt a connection. I stopped going for a couple of years due to her not being in network with my insurance but did not seek out someone else. When I decided that I wanted to go back she was in network and I have been going faithfully since then. She’s genuine, very helpful, and great at what she does.”


Her past experience includes individual, group and family counseling, family and personal crisis intervention, as well as supervision of Masters level interns at The Learning House Therapeutic Day School in Wheeling, Illinois.

Our son has been seeing Katrina for about 18 months and she has been amazing. She is very supportive of our son and provides suggestions  and counseling for us, as parents, to ensure we understand his concerns and can support him and our other children as best as possible. Katrina’s positive, caring, and upbeat personality, along with her thoughtful and spot on analysis of situations, has made the sessions a positive experience for us all. She has helped us work through many tough decisions regarding our son, his education, and our family. We would highly recommend Katrina and are so grateful that we have been able to work with her!”


“Katrina Christie made our daughter feel at ease and she made a connection immediately. We have been very pleased with her progress and the ease of making appointments. We highly recommend her.”


In addition her experience as an elite college athlete and coach, she has gained invaluable experience in helping athletes improve the mental aspects of being competitive as well as coping with performance anxiety, athletic related stress disorders and overcoming athletic injuries.

“My children are very good students and also 3 sport athletes. Two of my kids at different times have suffered from anxiety and depression. Katrina had made such a difference in my older childs’ success that when we recognized that our other child was battling stability. I knew Katrina was where I was going to go for help. She is patient and kind and has the ability to identify the best route to go about helping the kids. As a parent I too find her very easy to communicate with.”


” Katrina is awesome to talk to. Being a student athlete, she can understand struggles with team mates, mental states, and balancing school… because she too was a student athlete. Talking with her is really casual, you can lead the session however you please. Their office has nice chairs too!”


She has developed and implemented pyscho-educational and process oriented counseling groups dealing with anger management, female self-esteem/self-image and family issues.

“I suffered from anxiety and inability to manage my anger, and with Katrina’s help I’ve been able to work through my issues. After only a few months I am less anxious and manage my anger much better. When I started seeing Katrina I was angry with my parents and not willing to talk to them much. Today, I am even able to tell them I love them. Thanks to Katrina I’ve been making quick progress. She is a great listener holding space for me when I need her and challenging me when I least expect it. She enables me to look at my issues and my life from a different perspective, and for that I am very thankful.”


As an Illinois Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Katrina has worked with people suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, addictions, trauma/loss, weight management, pain management and many other personally over-whelming patient disorders.

“Katrina Christie was a life saver helping me with my adolescent son with Asperger’s. A friend had recommend me to Katrina.  They both had worked in a alternative school for kids with many different behaviors, diagnoses etc.  This is exactly what I wanted was someone who had already dealt one on one with a person with Asperger’s.


“Katrina educated me on different approaches to deal with the different behaviors, sensory issues, school refusal, and also how to keep myself together. Being a parent with a child with Asperger’s, like anything has its good and bad.  My son could be very difficult to handle on many occasions.  The goal for me was to find the best way with the least amount of upset for us all, and I spent a lot of time with Katrina to figure out what worked best for my son.


“My son also saw Katrina separately (sometimes we did do a family appointment).  This helped a lot both ways.  It’s not uncommon for families to reach out for help.  Katrina was extremely helpful to our family and I would recommend Katrina (and have) to anyone who needs support of really any kind.”