A 2003 graduate of Chicago Medical School, Dr. Jason Gruss did his internship at Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, where he was awarded Resident of the Year in 2004.

Dr. Gruss is open, honest, he explains everything so you understand, and most importantly he treats you as a person.  He listens to what you’re saying and does his best to find a resolution or relief for you.  I would highly recommend him to anyone”     VG

“I think Dr. Gruss is one of the few physicians that actually cares about his patients.  He listens and wants to help in any way he can. His inviting personality makes it easy to disclose information to him.”   KR

In 2009, Dr Gruss established the First Health Headache Clinic to offer patients an integrated approach to treating their headaches

I found Dr. Gruss after numerous attempts in finding the right migraine specialist.  I’d been to Neurology Consultants in Davenport, Iowa; Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago, Illinois; Iowa City Hospitals in Iowa City, Iowa; and Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota; and found no relief or solutions to my headaches.  After seeing Dr. Gruss for the first time, he took an interest in me and referred me to a Naturopathic Physician.  I finally found my triggers and started to understand how to prevent and overcome migraines thru hormone and food intolerance testing. Thank you Dr. Gruss for being an excellent coach in teaching me how to live with chronic migraines.”  JW

The strong link between the body’s chemistries, neurologic patterns, and muscle and joint functions supports the use of the latest in headache medicines, combined with appropriate non-medicinal therapies

I have been seeing Dr. Gruss for almost five years. I started seeing him when I was unable to get rid of my headaches/migraines. I was already medicated, but sometimes the medication isn’t enough and I need reminders of what triggers my headaches/migraines. Dr. Gruss did a very thorough initial evaluation  (more thorough than the Diamond Headache Clinic),  and although I continue to be diagnosed with stress induced headaches/migraines he added sinus/allergies to the list. Dr. Gruss in my opinion is a very caring and thorough doctor; who does not rush. He takes his time to listen and problem solve. I live a very migraine-less life thanks to Dr. Gruss!”   NM

With his interest in the proper function of the human frame and nervous system, he chose Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) as his specialty.

“I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel since Dr. Gruss gave me injections for my back and neck. I have been in so much pain for so long and this is the first time I feel so much better. I don’t know what I would do without him!!!”     RL

Dr Gruss was awarded a fellowship in the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

I was very impressed with Dr. Gruss. I had gone to my GP and a hospital where they took x-rays and I feel both misdiagnosed me. Dr Gruss and I discussed my symptoms and he told me what he felt was wrong and what course of action I should take. Following his prescription I was shortly without pain and working (with his staff) to correct my problem.”    CB