Arlington Heights Chiropractor Dr Joe Musolino specializes in the diagnosis and conservative treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.
Great staff and medical support at First Health Associates. They take the time to listen to their patients and genuinely care about their well being and improvement. Dr. Musolino in particular, works to investigate the root cause of pain and comes up with several strategies to alleviate the pain.”  BS

A 2001 graduate from the National University of Health Sciences, Dr. Musolino has more than 16 years of clinical experience helping patients with a variety of spinal and joint issues.

“Dr. Joe and the staff at First Health Associates are wonderful.   They’ve made my back pain a thing of the past.”  SQ


He uses a two step approach. First, addressing your pain and symptoms and then focuses on a plan to prevent degeneration by correcting the underlying cause of chronic issues.


“He has amazing patience as well as a great “bed-side” manner and I trust him as my doctor.”  JR


Step One: Provide symptomatic relief through hands-on techniques such as chiropractic manipulation and soft tissue release and massage.


“Dr. Joe has been helping me for the past 10 years. He has helped me with numerous back issues surrounding the imbalance caused by the bad knee and a disk in my back that is a problem. He has kept me playing golf, riding a bike and exercising.”    AN


Dr Musolino was awarded the status of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength & Conditioning Association<


“Great chiropractor and very knowledgeable. Provides exceptional care that speeds recovery. I would highly recommend him to anyone with back issues.”  AB


“Dr Joe was not only thorough, but clear and great with analogies to make the technical stuff understandable. I felt him so trustworthy that I openly recommend him to family and friends whenever I hear they have medical needs.  RW


Step Two: Correct structural issues and muscle imbalances.


“Dr. Joe respected my knowledge and opinions and worked with me to figure out the reason for my pain and treatment protocol. He is so thorough; I need to take notes to remember all his tells me. (He) always updated me on my progress/evaluations, and improvements. Gave me home exercises too.”  AN


Dr. Joe combines extensive experience as a chiropractor in alternative medicine, strength and conditioning, and therapeutic exercise to help patients not only feel better short-term, but to keep them feeling better overall.


“I’m very happy that my (regular) doctor told me to see Dr Joe and he always asks how much I like Dr Joe. He feels that Dr Joe is excellent and I’m happy he told me about him. I think Dr. Joe is wonderful and glad I came to him. I trusty him completely.”  SDW


“I like Dr.Joe very much – he is very professional and skilled, yet he is not a “dry fish” – he is a fun guy with good sense of humor, pleasure to chat with.”   TV