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Knee pain is often the result of improper joint mechanics both within the knee or elsewhere. We put a lot of demands on our knees, and when pain reminds us that workload is taking its toll, it may be time to visit an experienced chiropractor for knee pain relief.

Serving Arlington Heights, Mt Prospect, Rolling Meadows and surrounding suburbs since 1981 First Health Associates’ Center for Integrative Medicine is proud to offer our patients an effective, non-surgical treatment of the knee. Our Arlington Heights chiropractor team offers a natural choice in safe and effective knee pain treatment, as well as, treatment for other muscle, bone and joint maladies.

Medications Are Not the Best Choice for Knee Pain Relief

According to an article in the Journal of Rheumatology  there is “Growing evidence suggests that nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), while able to alleviate inflammation, may damage articular cartilage”. So relying on anti-inflammatory medications for knee pain relief may not be the wisest option. Anti-inflammatory medications can slow healing and even promote the breakdown of joint cartilage. Our Arlington Heights chiropractor team is trained in assessing your pain and providing non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical knee pain treatment. But it’s best to not put off making an appointment. The earlier the situation is addressed, the more likely that further complications can be reduced or avoided.

The knee is a major weight-bearing joint supported by muscles, ligaments and cartilage. When inflammation, injury or other factors impair its function on an acute or long-term basis, our Arlington Heights chiropractor team offers a non-invasive, non-surgical approach in knee pain treatment. It starts with a joint function assessment. Once complete they can treat both the symptoms and underlying causes of pain.

Steps in Proper Knee Pain Treatment

Proper knee pain treatment requires a thorough examination and assessment of not only the knee joint but also parts of the body that directly impact it. Surprisingly your knee pain may originate from the lower back, pelvis, hip, ankle and foot. Our Arlington Heights chiropractor team is trained in locating the origin of the pain and rendering an accurate diagnosis.

Even when pain is perceived as coming from the knee, it may be that it is being referred from elsewhere in the body. When other joints around the knee are not working properly, the increased stress on the knee joint can over time result in injury or deterioration. This can be avoided with timely chiropractic care.

But let’s face it there are a few times when the knee has severely degenerated and arthritis is rampant. We offer the next step before surgical replacement – synvisc injections. Synvisc replaces the fluid, called hyaluronic acid, that was once prolific in inner part of your knee joint. These injections typically relieve knee pain and restore knee motion offering yet additional non-surgical hope for chronic knee pain. Here you would work with our knee pain doctor, medical physician Jason Gruss, MD.  Dr Gruss is a fellow in the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and has been helping patients suffering from knee pain for over 13 years.

Since 1981, First Health’s Arlington Heights Chiropractor Team has been working closely with both our on-staff medical physicians and local medical physicians to provide the best integrative medical care in Chicago’s Northwest suburbs. Conveniently located off I-90, near Golf and Arlington Heights Roads, First Health serves patients from Arlington Heights, Mt. Prospect, Rolling Meadows, Palatine and Des Plaines.

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