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Hip pain. Hip flexor pain. Hip bursitis. These are the terms often used to describe pain in the hip area. While hip surgery is becoming commonplace, many people seek hip pain relief without surgery or unnecessary medication. Fortunately, there are options in hip pain treatment without surgery.

Serving Arlington Heights, Mt Prospect, Rolling Meadows and surrounding suburbs since 1981 First Health Associates’ Center for Integrative Medicine is proud to offer our patients an effective, non-surgical approach for hip pain treatment.


Pain in the hip can develop for a number of reasons. These include poor alignment, poor movement, or muscle weakness. Pain can occur because of a problem with the hip itself like hip arthritis or hip bursitis.  It can also result from problems elsewhere in the body, including the surrounding muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Our Arlington Heights chiropractor team is specially trained to identify and treat the causes of hip pain as well as a variety of muscle, bone and joint maladies.

Also, if there is an alignment problem in the lower back or pelvis, hips can succumb to wear and tear. A hip can also wear out if the foot is weak when it steps on the ground. These are the types of problems people develop that leads to hip bursitis, hip flexor pain, and arthritis. Hip bursitis and hip flexor pain are highly treatable. Both are a common reaction to simple strains and overuse, while arthritis develops gradually over the years.


Our Arlington Heights chiropractor team is highly trained to locate, assess the causes and symptoms necessary to render proper hip pain treatment. They will thoroughly examine the hip and other areas of the body. Often the real cause of the hip pain is coming from another location. Our chiropractors can determine where the problem is and will utilize various types of treatment depending on the patient’s condition and preference.

Options for hip pain relief without surgery may include physical therapy techniques, manual adjustments (by hand), drop table adjustments, or instrument adjusting. These treatments are designed to restore joint flexibility, alignment and muscle strength to the hip and other areas that impact the hip. They may also prescribe exercises to improve flexibility, alignment and muscle strength to assist the recovery process and promote hip pain relief.

Since 1981, First Health’s Arlington Heights chiropractor team has been working closely with both our on-staff medical physicians and local medical physicians to provide the best integrative medical care in Chicago’s Northwest suburbs. Our experienced chiropractors are highly and uniquely trained to locate, diagnose and provide hip pain treatment. Conveniently located off I-90, near Golf and Arlington Heights Roads, First Health serves patients from Arlington Heights, Mt. Prospect, Rolling Meadows, Palatine, Elk Grove and Des Plaines.

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