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Low Impact High Results

by Holly Parsons

Are you looking for some proof?

The first thing people think of when they hear the term water aerobics is an older generation. Hopefully, this article will “drown” that train of thought and show you what a great opportunity you may be missing. Even professional athletes have tapped into the power of the water. 

Tone and Shape: Water Aerobics Offers a Great Form of Resistance Exercise

As most of you know, water is denser than air. Think about it, taking a walk on a paved trail does not create much resistance. But, walking the length of the pool provides a lot of resistance and therefore burns a ton of calories. Now imagine jogging, instead of walking the length of the pool. Add some resistance equipment such as gloves and shoes and now we are REALLY talking!

Improve Flexibility: Water Aerobics Improves Joint Range of Motion

The lack of gravity in the water is epic! Due to the lack of gravity in the pool, your childhood flexibility returns! You will be able to move your joints more easily without pain. You also have a greater range of motion in the water. Not to mention, the plain old water naturally encourages your muscles to relax.

Increase Stamina: Water Aerobics is Known for Cardiovascular Training

At your first water aerobics class, you will be wowed by the fact that you feel like you are truly getting a high intensity workout. You really have to try it in order to be convinced. It also increases HDL (the good cholesterol) and improves blood circulation.

Water Aerobics is One of the BEST Forms of Exercise For Your HEART

One of the differences between your regular land workout class and water aerobics is that your heart rate is maintained at a lower rate. But, that’s not a bad thing. Research shows that the level of oxygen consumption, a true measure of cardiovascular benefits, is similar on land and in water. It would seem the heart works better in the water.

Take the Impact Out of Exercise:  Water Aerobics is Easy on the Joints

Buoyancy is the ability to float or rise in water. This creates more support for your body and in turn reduces the possibility of injury. It creates cushioning and non-weight bearing work out for your joints, back, and torso that the land can’t provide. The water supports 80% of your body weight. So if you weigh 200 lbs, in the water you only weigh 40 lbs!! Awesome! Can I log my weight for the week in the water?

Miscellaneous Awesomeness

No sweaty icky bodies

The water provides privacy

The water is wonderfully refreshing and rejuvenating

The water is great for those with fibromyalgia, pregnancy, arthritis, and many other aches and pains

Due to the constant resistance on your whole body the pool is ALL CORE ALL THE TIME!

Holly Parsons is a certified water aerobic personal trainer. She has personally lost over 100 pounds which she has managed to keep from regaining for over 4 years.  Holly offers semi-private water aerobic classes early evenings and one-on-one water personal training the rest of the week.