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Nutrient Timing for the Performance Athlete

by Dietitian Tom Jordan MS, RD

As a Registered Dietitian, an Athlete, a Runner, a Trainer and a Weight Loss Coach, my favorite client discussion is Nutrient Timing.  While general healthy eating is paramount to healthy living as well as performance, most rewards are long term (not getting Cancer, preventing that Heart Attack 10 years from now, lowering blood pressure over the next 6 months…. ).

NOT SO WITH NUTRIENT TIMING!  If we do this right, we can see big rewards in a short amount of time.  For the athlete concerned about maximizing performance no matter what your endeavor sports nutrition and nutrient timing are critical.

It gets confusing with all the ads on whey protein, protein bars, sport drinks on the market today. Who's right? Are any of them right for me? The answer is simple yes and no.

Over the next few newsletters, I’ll be outlining a game plan to take your nutrition—and your performance—to the next level.

Clickable Resources Below:

Nutrient Timing: Part 1 - Pre Workout Nutrition

Nutrient Timing; Part 2 - Nutrition During the Workout

Nutrient Timing: Part 3 - Post Workout Nutrition

Nutrient Timing Part 4 - The Other 24/7

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