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Nutrient Testing

This year we have a challenge:  Don't resolve to be healthier… JUST DO IT!  We are excited to announce that research from the University of Texas has developed into a nutritional test for functional levels of 30 different vitamins and nutrients.  This is a great resource for patients to take control of their health and get a true picture of their nutritional status. But we didn't stop there! As an integrated care clinic with a passion for preventative medicine, we are thrilled to announce our newest program for 2009:

The Total Health Challenge
We are very excited about this program and are hoping that all of our patients participate to see how they stack up!  The program not only has a nutritional focus, but tests you at the Dietary Level, Physical Level, Fitness Level, and Cellular Level for an in depth view of your overall "Health."  The idea of this test isn't to find out where you're lacking but rather to give you a baseline of where you're at now and set some goals to make this your healthiest year yet!
The components of the Total Health Challenge include:

1)  Wellness Evaluation with Nutritionist
      - Individual Consult
      - Diet Analysis
      - Body Fat Analysis
      - Fitness Assessment

2) SpectraCell Micronutrient Blood Test
      - Tests 30 important nutrients
      - Clear picture of your functional nutritional balance

3) MD Physical Evaluation

4) Team Conference
       (MD and Nutritionist)

5) Comprehensive Wellness Report

Call today for an appointment at (847) 593-3330 to see how you stack up!

For more information on the components of the program: 

Wellness Assessment
We kick off the test with an in-depth assessment with our Nutritionist.  He'll look at your medical, family, and nutritional histories and also perform a nutritional physical assessment.  A computerized assessment of your usual dietary intake, body fat analysis, and fitness assessment make up the comprehensive report you receive at the end!

The exciting new Micronutrient Testing by SpectraCell Labs can tell you exactly where your nutrition stands at a cellular level. This way we can tell if you're coming up short on vital nutrients or if you're wasting money on supplements you don't really need.

MD Physical Assessment
A short visit with our Medical Doctor adds an assessment of your physical well- being and overall functional status (as an added benefit, involvement with our MD allows for improved insurance reimbursement for the lab tests that are included)

Team Conference
Once we receive and organize all of your data, both your MD and Nutritionist will sit down to discuss your health goals, test results, and overall findings.  We will then prepare a comprehensive report outlining the extensive assessment and identify any red flags that might be standing in the way of you achieving "a state of complete physical, emotional, and spiritual well being."

Get The Results
Finally, you will return to meet with our Nutritionist who will give you a complete report on how you did in each category.  Your report will include goals for you to achieve over the course of the following months in order to reach your personal health goals and total wellness!

The Best Part:  The initial test usually takes less than 90 minutes.  The rest of the work is us putting your results together and requires no time commitment from you!