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The "Live Longer" Diet Plan
By Tom Jordan, MS, RD

Great news to those of you out there who are following the First Health "Anti-Inflammatory" diet, and for those who haven't started yet, here's some great motivation start ASAP. The Anti-Inflammatory diet is actually based on the popular Mediterranean Diet, an eating style patterned after people of the Mediterranean region of the planet. Scientists wanted to know why people in this region lived longer with less disease. Studies clearly show that its in large part due to what they consume nutritionally. 

Let's Talk About Inflammation
Offensive foods, like hydrogenated fats and oils, cause many tissues and organs in our bodies to inflame. Inflamed cells no longer function properly resulting in poor health which render us more susceptible to many diseases including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. A recent research study shows that eating an Anti-Inflammatory diet plan is a key to promoting a long and vigorous life.

Extending Healthy Life Years (HLY)

One study tracked over 100,000 people for 10 years to monitor their habits and life expectancy. They found that those who didn't smoke, stayed at a healthy weight, and exercised regularly lived the longest. Obvious stats right? Another added factor that was identified however indicated that adhering to an Anti-Inflammatory meal plan was also significantly correlated to living longer!

Great, another dietitian telling me I have to go on a Diet!!

Good news here, this is actually not a diet. You know how bad dieting is with regimens and restrictions. The Anti-Inflammatory Diet should be called the Anti-Inflammatory eating style. Here you can have your health and enjoy your food because no-one's going to ask you to eat carrot sticks and celery all day. One of the best things about the adopting an anti-inflammatory eating style is that it's easy to stick to because the food tastes great! Sometimes called "the world's healthiest cuisine," the Mediterranean diet emphasizes lots of plant proteins, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, and heart-healthy fats, along with nuts and moderate alcohol consumption. It's also low in saturated fats, refined grains, red meat, and sweets.

But Wait - There's More!

Here are more good reasons to adopt an anti-inflammatory eating style:

  • Protects blood vessels -- lowering heart disease risk
  • Improves insulin sensitivity - lowering diabetes risk
  • Fights against belly fat
  • Improves brain function
  • Helps with weight loss

So why on earth wait . . . get started today!

Kick off your Mediterranean plan with this simple recipe for Mustard Crusted Salmon. Stir fry some fresh veggies like peppers and zucchini on the side to round out the antioxidant profile, and as the article states-yes you can enjoy a glass of red wine with your meal!


The impact of a Mediterranean diet and healthy lifestyle on premature mortality in men and women. Van den Brandt, Piet A., American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2011;94:913-920.

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