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Coping With Stress - 5 Simple Stress Busters

By Katrina Christie, M.Ed, LCPC

Stress is everywhere. It seems like if we resolve one issue another instantly takes it's place. Kids, careers, family, friends, even something as potentially beautiful as the holidays can be a source of stress. The realization that it isn't the stressor at fault, its the way we react to it.

So, take a deep breath, and don't let tough setbacks do you in. When life hands you a lemon, forget trying to make lemonade. We've found five newly proven ways to help make each day better and get your life back on track.

  • Give it a positive twist.
    Experts call it "positive reframing." Translation: Whatever hits the fan, look for the upside. Fault finding and blame games won't fix anything. In fact, they'll make you old fast.

  • Accept what happened.
    Not so easy? Try this: Acknowledge the problem, but add an upbeat mantra, such as, "Change presents opportunity. Seize it!" Repetition works because it's positive reinforcement.

  • Inject some humor.
    Laughing helps by decreasing stress hormones and boosting your immune system. Go on, yuck it up. Get ready for life's next adventure.

  • Find an outlet.
    Prolonged stress causes the release of certain chemicals. These chemicals can be altered by physical exercise and mental relaxation. Try joining an exercise or yoga program.

  • Talk it out.
    Many people associates counseling with analyzing what your garndmother did to your grandfather 50 years ago. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) instead teaches real people how to deal with everyday issues. Today’s Clinical Counselor can help you sort through daily life issues that are no longer manageable. We teach everyday people ways to sort out and cope with difficult problems.