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Wellness at First Health Associates

You’ve seen our tag line

       Changing the way Medicine is being provided . . .

What does that mean?
We have some real concerns about the current and future health of our population. With all the advances in medicine people are unhealthier today than 50 years ago.

It’s true more people are surviving heart attacks
        But why with everything we know are we even having heart attacks?

It’s true medicine offers better treatments for dementia and cancer
       But with all our knowledge why are we becoming demented or developing cancer?

Type 2 Diabetes is on the rise
       It can lead to heart disease, blindness, kidney disease, and even amputation
              It was a disease you got when you were really old
                   Today Type 2 Diabetes is beginning to be seen in children

We see more depressed adults and children than ever before
Childhood should be a time filled with good memories
               How can our children be depressed?

What’s changed?
Fundamentally the way we live has changed dramatically
       We eat worse, move less, sleep poorly and are seldom mentally at rest

It’s not because we don’t have the information in ways to prevent life’s maladies
       It's because the information is poorly organized and hard to apply
              We'll provide a single reliable resource to guide you in putting it into everyday use

Welcome to the First Health Living A Healthy Lifestyle Wellness Program
Like most health care providers we will always be here to help you with current medical issues
       But that's only a small part part of how we practice
              We are not a practice for the masses; we are not a medical assembly line
                     We want you to be your coaches in ways to lead a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life

It’s up to you and us
We'll start you in the right direction, coach you on better ways and monitor your progress      

Whether you work with one of our providers or a team of our providers, you will be known
       We’ll teach you all you need to know about the 5 pillars essential to good health:

  1. How to start and maintain a healthy wholesome diet
  2. How to structure a sensible exercise regime
  3. How to manage life’s stressors and improve your emotional well-being
  4. The intricacies of rejuvenating rest and adequate sleep
  5. We’ll supply you with reliable health information and constant support