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About Clinical Counseling

Today's Clinical Counselor can help you sort through daily life issues that are no longer manageable. Whether it's relationship, career path or issues of well-being we can help. Your counselor is a modern-day problem solver who through direct advice or non directive guidance can help you put life's often overwhelming issues in order. The process allows you to make decisions and changes that are thought-out and rational. counseling_collage_2.jpg

Clinical Counseling is concerned with conscious, rational thinking rather than with unconscious fears and emotions. It helps everyday people resolve difficult problems. It is more concerned with present events than past issues and reactions. The Counselors at First Health will guide you in role functioning, help you clarify difficult choices and lay out actions that can help get you on track again.

Life can get complicated and having a caring, professionally trained confidant is just what your doctor should be ordering. So, whether it's problems with the kids at home or at school or dealing with the loss of a loved one, we can help you get your life back on track.

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Anxiety Weight Management
Depression Performance Issues
Addiction Career Counseling
Trauma/Loss Anger Management
Bipolar Disorders Parenting
Child or Adolescent Issues Relationship Issues
Marriage and Family Counseling ADHD
Pain or Chronic Illness Management Life Coaching
Male and Female Self Esteem and Image Issues


Meet Katrina Christie, M.Ed., LCPC

Meet Jennifer Tewell, MA, LPC