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Non-Surgical Care for Most Muscle, Bone and Joint Complaints

Woman in need of shoulder pain relief - woman in pain holding right shoulder which is red and inflamed. She needs shoulder pain treatment.

If shoulder pain is stopping or limiting the activities you enjoy, treatment directed by a chiropractor can be extremely effective in relieving and addressing its root cause.

woman who needs knee pain relief is holding her knee -- she needs knee pain treatment

Many knee complaints stem from improper alignment due to muscular imbalances and improper foot or ankle function. Chiropractors are trained to spot and address these issues.

Man with herniated disc. Herniated disc treatment.

Our team of chiropractors can provide significant relief from symptoms related to a herniated disc and help improve posture and movement that causes them.

Man in need of spinal stenosis treatment

Wear and tear and misalignment of the spine can lead to a condition called spinal stenosis. A narrowing of the canal where the spinal cord and nerves pass through chiropractors are trained to address both the underlying causes and painful symptoms of spinal stenosis.

Neck Pain Relief - woman in distress with neck and shoulder pain

Neck pain can be extremely disruptive to daily living and is often treated with pain killers. While medications may alleviate the pain, they do not address its cause. Treatment directed by a chiropractor can eliminate both the pain and the cause.

Hip Pain, Hip Flexor Pain, Hip Bursitis, Hip Pain Relief, Hip Pain Treatment Without Surgery Arlington Heights, Illinois

Your hips are involved in nearly every movement you make, so a bad hip can really slow you down. Our chiropractors can provide you with a non-surgical, noninvasive approach to treating most of the causes and symptoms of hip pain.

upper and mid back pain treatment arlington heihts illinois first health associates

Back pain is one of the most common human ailments. Whether you have upper back pain, middle back pain, or lower back pain, treatment by a chiropractor provides a non-surgical, noninvasive approach to treating its causes and symptoms.

Sciatica affects up to 4 out of 10 people worldwide at some point in their lives. Care directed by a chiropractor is one of the most common forms of care for sciatica and uses a non-surgical approach that addresses its root cause.

Man with pinched nerve in the neck; Pinched Nerve Treatment Arlington Heights Illinois First Health associates

“Pinched” nerves occur in many areas of the body, such as the neck, back and wrist.  Chiropractic care offers non-surgical correction that eliminates the root causes of pinched nerves, thus alleviating the resulting painful, annoying symptoms.

man needs lower back pain relief, Lower Back Pain Treatment Arlington Heights Illinois First Health Associates

Low back pain can be a debilitating condition that most people will experience at some point in their life. Fortunately, most low back pain issues can be resolved in a relatively short period of time with chiropractic treatment. Today’s chiropractor is the most qualified and well-trained healthcare providers for this condition.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, man with carpal tunnel symptoms in need of carpal tunnel treatment, carpal tunnel relief Arlington Heights First Health Associates

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common neurological condition of the hand and wrist that can impair sensation, use of your hand and interfere with your sleep. Chiropractic care provides a non-surgical, noninvasive, drug-free approach to diagnosing and treating the root causes and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tennis elbow Man in need of tennis elbow relief. Tennis Elbow Treatment Arlington Heights Illinois First Health Associates

Despite its name, “tennis elbow” afflicts far more people than just tennis players. The condition can develop in anyone who is involved in repetitive activity with their elbows, arms, wrists or hands.  Chiropractors offer a safe, non-surgical, drug-free treatment option that can help relieve pain and address the root cause.

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Studies demonstrate that patients with chronic low-back pain directed by a chiropractor showed greater improvement and satisfaction at one month than patients treated with standard medical care. But we don’t limit our treatment to back pain. Our team of Chiropractors at First Health Associates has helped people in the Arlington Heights area find permanent relief from an array of muscle, bone and joint issues for more than 35 years. The First Health’s Chiropractic Team’s first priority is to relieve your symptoms, then eliminate the underlying cause of your problem. Our treatment plans are designed to help you to return to your normal, active lifestyle.

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